Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Grand Tour

We sold our home in one showing without ever putting it on the market. We closed less than three weeks after the showing. It was the most painless. process. ever.
As I said in the previous post, we picked out our new home. That exact fifth wheel was sitting at my dad's dealership in Atlanta. So, I called my dad and told him we wanted it. He said he would let the manager in Atlanta know. I bought an airline ticket to fly up, walk through it, sign the papers, and have it shipped down to Dallas. As I was standing in the security line at the airport, the Atlanta dealership manager returned my call. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. He quickly checked inventory to discover that the unit I was flying up there to purchase had literally sold two days before and the new owners were taking delivery that day.
Insert crying emoticon here.
After a quick phone call to Dad, everything became clear: he completely forgot to tell the manager in Atlanta that we wanted to buy that fifth wheel. Bummer. Lucky for him ... I'm his daughter and not another actual, real customer. ;)
So, we began the process of ordering our fifth wheel. It was painless and we ended up with a better RV than the one in Atlanta. The problem? We were going to be homeless for a month while it was built. Our sweet friend graciously offered to let us invade her beautiful castle of a home and we pressed forward. Finally, over 4th of July weekend, 2014, we moved in to our tiny, new home.
This is a Cedar Creek Silverback 37BH Fifth Wheel. So, this is a really freaking huge 'trailer' that you tow behind a big arse truck. It's just under 40 feet long. I'm going to start at the front end of the 'trailer' and move to the back end with my photo tour. Here we go ....
This is the master bedroom. Not much walking around room because we brought our king size Tempupedic bed with us. It was one of very few things we weren't willing to part with. It's worth not being able to do yoga on the side of my bed. Not that I actually do yoga ...
Across from our bed .... this TV gets more use than the other TVs. The kids come home, kick off their shoes, head to my bed, and flip to their favorite shows to veg out after a long day at school. The four of us cram into bed, snuggle up, and watch movies on the weekend.

What you can't see in this picture is the two big hampers that fit perfectly in that little alcove in the wall. Every two weeks, like clockwork, those hampers are filled and Superman hauls them over to the laundromat to do the laundry.

Here we have the master bathroom. The shower is bigger than the shower in our old house. Go figure.

I have very few complaints about our new life and home, one of which is the lack of bathroom storage/space. But. We do the best we can.

These little drawers help provide the storage we need.

The vanity.

Above the toilet storage -- I only wish there were more.

Both the master bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. So, now we are going to go down a couple steps to head into the living area.

This couch is pretty fabulous. The metal holes in the floor are for the tables that pull out of the big drawer under the pull out bed, inside that couch. I'm telling you, it's a great couch.

The kitchen. You can see the stairs and master in the background.

Remember how I said there were just a couple things I didn't like about our place? The size of the freezer is one of those things. I need more ice and popsicles in my life.

We even have a ceiling fan - livin' large, people. Living. Large.

TV and fireplace below. The fireplace puts off quite a bit of heat and it was able to warm up the entire trailer all winter long.

Just another angle of the living area. Front door is on the right after the couch, by the fire extinguisher.
The kids' room. Ryan took the top bunk, Ashley took the bottom bunk.

Lots of room for everything - they each get a side of the armoire for all their clothes and shoes.

When we tried to donate this TV .... they wouldn't let us. I was so baffled! It's a perfectly good TV! So, we brought it and stuck it across from the bunk beds on the shelf of what should be a third bed. But, we don't need a third bed, so ... it works.

Let's just ignore the big soft Pottery Barn chairs crammed above the TV. K, thanks.

And finally, the kid bathroom. The door on the left is the back door that opens to the opposite side of the trailer as the front door in the living room. I was a priority to have 2 bathrooms.

And there it is in all 550 ish square feet glory. We love it. It is perfect for us.


  1. I absolutely love your home... and I love that you had the faith to listen to that "inner voice" urging you to make such a substantial life change that others might think preposterous! And I'm glad I found your blog... because I, too am considering such a change (in the not too distant future) to recover financially. I'm a full time caregiver to my husband whose been critically ill for the last 5 years and his illness has pretty much decimated our savings. We currently live in the house I owned before marriage (with a mortgage) because it fits his medical condition better, and we also OWN his pre-marriage house. I'm considering selling both houses when he leaves me to join our maker, and moving into an RV. I'd love to hear more about your adventures. It sounds like your family is benefiting from this change in more ways than just the financial healing.

    1. Oh my goodness. First of all, your story breaks my heart. I really admire and look up to you for what you are doing and accomplishing. Stories like yours strengthen my faith in humanity and the human will. I need to be better about updating the daily adventures on here because this decision has been the biggest blessing in our lives. It won't last forever, but while we are on this adventure, we are definitely living life to the fullest.

      Please keep me updated on your life story. Especially if/when you make the move to your own tiny home. Take care.