Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our New Home

We are moving forward over here, checking each box off the list.

We did actually sell our house and we closed on it a month ago. We are now in a lease back from the buyers until the end of May so that Ryan can finish school and I can finish teaching PreK.

We also decided on the RV we will be buying/living in. It is a Cedar Creek Silverback Fifth Wheel. We decided on a Fifth Wheel because they boast the most room on the interior. Y'all want a tour? Yes?

Alrighty ... here we go ...

This is obviously the kitchen. The sink is there ... you can't see the opening because there is a piece of Corian cut to fit over the sink for maximum counter space when needed. Please note the quaint little window to the left ... I'm definitely gonna be doing something different with that window treatment.

Here's the rest of the kitchen. Small, but completely do-able. The only thing I'm slightly bummed about is the size of the fridge and freezer; however, we will just get used to buying groceries every few days and only refrigerating what actually needs to be refrigerated. To the left of the fridge, there's a thin storage cabinet -- probably gonna be a cleaning supply cabinet. And to the left of that is the pantry. It's a decent size and there are rolling drawers that pull out so I can cram as much as I want in there.

This is the living room. You can see the 'front' door and stairs leading up to the master bedroom. I like this floor plan because it doesn't have an actual table and chairs, which allows for a much more open floor plan. See those metal circles on the floor? Those hold the legs to two tables that can be installed, but I'm liking the idea of not having them there full time. My kids are pros at eating off their laps. I'll also most likely be changing the window treatments in here. I'm just not really a fan.

And the rest of the living room. For some reason, the wood is showing up a little fluorescent in this picture. But you can see the door to the kid's bedroom, which is the back end of the RV.

This is one side of the kid's room (don't know why the wood looks fluorescent again). I don't love the window treatments (shocker) in here either. The cabinet on the left is an entertainment center for a TV, video game console, DVD's ... whatever. I plan to store all their toy bins up on that top bunk right there. And, of course, I love the book shelf because it reminds me of our home right now. And there are actually two of those armoires to the right. They'll each have a space to hang clothes and then two drawers for undies, socks, shoes.

This is the side they'll actually sleep on. I'm bringing their adorable matching Pottery Barn bedding and bright red shag rug to help make the room feel more at home. I love that there are drawers under the beds. That thing on the bottom bunk is one of the table tops for the living room.

This is the kid's bathroom ... how much do I love that I'm not sharing a toilet with them? A whole lot.

Here is the master bedroom. Please, do your best to visualize it without that hideously ugly bedding. That's getting tossed. We'll be taking our beautiful cream silky bedding that we currently use. We are excited because the headboard is lovely and the bed is a king. The doors to the left of the mirrors is a closet for a stack-able washer and dryer. I'm thinking we will probably use it for storage and utilize the laundromat next door. At a laundromat, you can make new friends ... and do 5 loads of laundry all at one time. What's not to like about that? (that's sarcasm, but I do prefer the laundromat to a small stack-able unit) What we don't have a picture of for this exact unit is the chest of drawers across from the bed and the TV above it.

And here is the 'master' bathroom. It's not exactly luxurious, but it's more than sufficient. I like the storage above the toilet and the storage under the sink and vanity. I'm pretty sure all the essentials are going to fit just fine.

And that's pretty much the inside. Here's a quick look at some of the cool things on the outside.

Here's a bit of trivia for you: What's the difference between a trailer and a Fifth Wheel? A trailer hooks up to a tow hitch, while a fifth wheel hooks onto a specialized fifth wheel hitch inside the bed of a truck. Lots of extra space in a fifth wheel due to the extra room above the truck bed.

If you lift up that panel/door right there, you'll find an outdoor kitchen ... which will be pretty fun to use when the weather is nice. This is the only way to camp!

And finally, here's the under belly of the fifth wheel, which is where we will keep a lot of our storage. Obviously, we can only store things there that won't be ruined in high heat or extreme cold. So, we will probably be keeping winter/summer wardrobes there when the weather is hot/cold.

And allllllll that for the grand total of $350/month. Simple living, my friends. Simple living.

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  1. It looks really nice! I'm sure it will look even nicer after you put your artistic touches to it as well(: